Let’s Create Your Own Commercial

A brand is nothing if it’s not memorable.

I have over a decade in the marketing field. I used to work in the corporate world before parting ways and starting my own marketing business. I offer a lot of those services to the holistic world in order to help create some beautiful and memorable looking brands that will attract people to begin to open up more to the idea of alternative medicine like CBD, Kratom and more.

Commercial Service

For only $450, you will get a customized, professional commercial (video 2-4 min) of your brand and products. That video will be published on all of my social media channels as well as my website. The brand will also be incorporated into one of my YouTube channels. You also get to keep the video footage for your own branding use along with the professional images I take of your products (and ANY of branding material I create for the commercial and posts). Services offer by Shaunn K.

Commercial Service


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Working with Shaunna has been the best marketing decision I have made thus far since starting my holistic botanical brand. She only takes on small and medium companies because she wants to personally work with us vendors selling high risk products because she wants to truly help the industry. She’s original! She knows the ins and outs of this community and gives me so much bang for my buck. What she offers is hugely discounted and that’s only because of her dedication and advocacy to alternative medicine. The other part of her company works with other fields of businesses, but you feel kinda in a special group, getting discounts none of her regular tech or e-commerce clients get to see, only because of her love of natural medicine. You definitely want to be apart of what “kratom girl” does if you’re in this industry. I HIGHLY recommend Shaunna for any marketing or branding projects you might have.


Example of other commercials/videos for past/routine clients

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