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Working hard to spread educational and personal information about kratom and how it applies to the life of a business woman, wife, mom and woman suffering with a chronic illness.

Shaunna works only with small and medium size businesses to help get them boosted and thriving. Then she hands off the baton to marketing agencies who have the man power to handle your business now that she helped make it large! When you thrive, she thrives. Watch her YouTube commercial below to hear about why she has been helping the kratom/CBD community all these years.

There is a reason why influencers have earned the title “influencers” – and it’s because people do like the content they have to offer. Some influencers have a specific demographic and market that would pair well with your brand. Kratom Girl would be that influencer that can showcase your product to her channels.

This is no different than brands hiring a national celebrity to promote their product.

Shaunna is offering a spot for vendors to be showcased, promoted and advertised on her alternative medicine channels and outlets.


Basic Kratom Girl Investor

$10 a month will rent you (2) monthly customized content (post/graphics/ads) shout outs on her channels throughout the internet (excluding YouTube) with your business information, an instagram story video shout out (FB and Instagram) – SEO enhanced and custom graphics made by Shaunna K and her team.

Basic Kratom Girl Investor – Monthly Subscription


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Kratom Girl Marketing Pack

For $250 a month: This is one of her popular packages that many vendors have utilized and currently still do utilize (Vendors like Breezy Trees Botanicals, Kratom Crazy, Ketum Superior Kratom, Green Angel CBD, Daily Hard, Kratom Crazy, and more) to increase traffic to their kratom/CBD company. Kratom Girl (Shaunna) owns a marketing agency and she extends that service at a major discount to kratom/CBD clients.

  • (2) monthly custom blog posts on Kratom Girl’s Blog (SEO enhanced with custom graphics made by Shaunna K and her team)
  • (4) custom short videos per month on instagram and facebook
  • (4) custom posts/graphics/ads per month on instagram and facebook
  • (1) full video a month on YouTube
  • One complimentary audit of your website that will come with a marketing plan (presented by Shaunna K). It will provide you with tips, secret marketing maneuvers to implement, and more!

Kratom Girl Marketing – Monthly Subscription


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Kratom Girl Mega Investor

For only $150 a month, you will get (1) blog post (SEO enhanced with keywords, longtail keywords, etc), (4) monthly shout outs (video and content posts which include custom graphics/ads) and your own custom landing page on Kratom Girl’s popular blog, fully SEO enhanced with custom graphics made by Shaunna K and her team. Shaunna will routinely link back to your company’s information/store.

Kratom Girl Mega Investor – Monthly Subscription


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Kratom Girl Supporter

Want to help support the continuation of advocacy work from Kratom Girl? Donate $5 a month to become a Kratom Girl Supporter. Link your social media handle/website and get a month shoutout! Get special content created only to subscribers and more!

Do you have your own social media pages that you would want help marketing? Head on over to to check out additional options that might be better for you.

I am all about making kratom look gooooooood. Let me help you communicate and show off your kratom products effectively and beautifully, that will attract clients and keep them coming back for more, utilizing both my marketing agency team AND my advocacy work/influence.


Top Tree Herbs

“@theshaunnak is an amazing marketing partner! From strategic advising to content creation – she’s an integral part of our brand outreach! Highly recommend for any business looking to create great content and engage new customers.”

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Breezy Trees Botanicals

“Miss Shaunna Kay is the most professional talented unique and creative woman that I’ve ever had a chance to work closely with. She takes the time to really understand what you would like her to do for your company. She has designed the most amazing website for my company. She puts other well known high priced web designers to shame!”

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