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Be a Kratom Girl Contributor

Wanna be a “Kratom Girl” or “Boy” LOL!

In all seriousness though, Kratom Girl is looking for contributors to join her team! Kratom Girl began her advocacy focusing on showing the world that women like her love kratom! Women with careers, with children, with a chronic illness, living in the suburbs, soccer moms, etc. Her goal was and is to #normalizekratom. She doesn’t talk too much about the legal battle that is constantly going on with kratom, or the vendors you should avoid, etc. But all those things are important! This is why Kratom Girl is looking for contributors to join her team. If you feel you would be a good fit for one of the many openings we have listed below, follow the instructions and Kratom Girl (Shaunna) will reach out to talk more!

  • Kratom News Contributor
    • A Kratom News Contributor would be up and current on ALL THINGS KRATOM in the news, from AKA releases to news articles, and what’s going on with kratom’s legality throughout the nation/world.
    • They would write blog articles about the above things, linking the sources and sharing their thoughts about the safety of kratom.
  • Kratom Review Contributor
    • You love writing!
    • You love trying new kratom vendors
    • You love sharing your opinion on these vendors and their products
    • You would be writing blog posts, reviewing vendors/products, etc.
  • Kratom Influencer Contributor
    • You love kratom! You would share your social media channel (if you have one) on Kratom Girl channels
    • You already have an account where you talk about kratom and your love for it, so you will share Kratom Girl posts, news and information, and share your channels with Kratom Girl followers.
  • Kratom Girl Lifestyle Contributor
    • Are you like Shaunna (Kratom Girl) in a way? Do you want to share recipes or lifestyle situations where kratom has been applied to your life too?
    • You would create content very similar to Kratom Girl’s advocacy (show kratom in a personal way, show the people how kratom would fit perfectly for all kinds of lifestyles).
  • YouTube Kratom Girl Contributor
    • Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Are you set up to record and film videos centered around the topics Kratom Girl covers?
    • You will be creating videos along side with Kratom Girl over on her YouTube channel.

As a Kratom Girl contributor, you can link your accounts, channels, websites, etc that you might already have while also supporting Kratom Girl with your knowledge, content and information. You can help contribute to Kratom Girl Advocacy while at the same time bringing traffic to yours! This is a volunteer opportunity for networking, self promotion, connections and advocacy work for the kratom cause.

Let’s help each other support kratom and its community by sharing with them a variety of information that they need. Kratom Girl will never become a vendor. She has been dedicated to being the voice for some, the some who hide their kratom consumption because of their image; a voice for those who need to find a natural alternative to some of the issues that affect their lives.

Kratom Girl can be a single location where someone will find everything they need to learn more or get started with kratom.

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