Partner with An “Alternative Medicine” Influencer

Shaunna became a “holistic influencer” in 2014. She created a persona called Kratom Girl to help support alternative medicine by creating #normalizekratom & #normalizealternativemedicine. She built up a YouTube channel of over 10K subscribers before they shut down her channel due to “promoting drugs”. She had to rebuild multiple times. These days, she has figured out how to avoid “breaking their rules” on all of her channels and helps promote vendors who are having a hard time marketing their business due to the strick guidelines. She has worked with some of today’s biggest vendors before they became big, helping them get the exposure they need to also help spread the benefits of alternative medicine.

There is a reason why influencers have earned the title “influencers” – and it’s because people do like the content they have to offer. Some influencers have a specific demographic and market that would pair well with your brand. Kratom Girl and her team are influencers that can showcase your product to their channels organically, avoiding the paid advertisements with all those guidelines and rules, limiting the risk of it being shut down or banned.

This is no different than brands hiring a national celebrity to promote their product.

Shaunna is offering a spot for vendors to be showcased, promoted and advertised on her and her team’s alternative medicine channels and outlets.

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Kratom Girl Influencers

SHAUNNA K (@kratomgirl)

An Executive & business owner by day

Shaunna works only with small and medium size businesses to help get them boosted and thriving on social media. Here are her stats and what she can offer you if you select her for your influencer.

Single post$90
Single video$150
Single story$60
Single YT video$300
Single FB post$30
Additional pricing and options available.

Kami Davis

A Psychiatric Nurse by day

Kami is a strong supporter of kratom and runs a blog, YouTube channel, and Facebook group with over an average of 12K visits a day. She is one of Kratom Girl’s newest influencers.

Additional information coming soon.
Additional influencers coming soon.

* Subscribing with all influencers is an option. If interested, please fill out the form at the top of this page and mention it in the message box.

Single post$50
Single video$85
Single story$40
Single YT video$150
Single FB post$50
Additional pricing and options available.

If you would like to be apart of the Alternative Medicine Influencers, reach out to Shaunna today!

“Working with Shaunna has been the best marketing decision I have made thus far since starting my holistic botanical brand. She only takes on small and medium companies because she wants to personally work with us vendors selling high risk products because she wants to truly help the industry. She’s original! She knows the ins and outs of this community and gives me so much bang for my buck. What she offers is hugely discounted and that’s only because of her dedication and advocacy to alternative medicine. The other part of her company works with other fields of businesses, but you feel kinda in a special group, getting discounts none of her regular tech or e-commerce clients get to see, only because of her love of natural medicine. You definitely want to be apart of what “kratom girl” does if you’re in this industry. I HIGHLY recommend Shaunna for any marketing or branding projects you might have.“


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