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You can try to advertise your “high risk” products on social media, but you’ll likely have your ads/posts disapproved; or worse, you can get your account banned or shut down. Unfortunately, ridiculously strict advertising policies don’t offer much hope for vendors. However, there are plenty of other ways to take advantage of the billion-user platforms without actually “breaking any rules.”

Hi, Im Shaunna. You might know me as “Kratom Girl.” I’ve been around on social media for almost a decade now, talking about kratom. I have thousands of fans and subscribers on numerous social media channels. I have websites, kratom/CBD clients, ebooks and more, all around the topic of kratom and other high risk products. You might think, Man, how has she not be deleted yet? Well, I have been deleted, blocked, banned and removed PLENTY of times. Remember, Ive been around a long time. I have had to rebuild several times. Having channels with over 10K subscribers, completely wiped cleaned, having to rebuild, it’s been rough. However, with every ban and rebuild, I have learned more and more about the platforms and ensuring I “walk their tight line” to avoid their police, but also continue to push the information I have to give regarding life changing natural alternatives that the FDA does not want the nation to know about. Let’s face it, anything that takes money away from pharmaceuticals is not something they will approve of. Therefore, you have to be careful. You have to “go the long way around” in order to market and promote you channels without getting banned or suspended. Yes, there is a way.

How to Market a High-Risk Product

How to Marketing High-Risk Products on Social Media


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