Stacy’s Mom’s Tea

My kratom tea is a need in my life. Not a want. Not an option. Not an occasional recreational enjoyment. It is the one thing that helps relieve some of the chronic issues I have to live with.

And many are in my exact situation. Many of us feel the need to conceal this truth so we are not judge or misunderstood. Moms like me, business women, that soccer mom down the street–this is our morning cup of “coffee”. We hide our consumption as if our tea was laced with vodka.

I am here to change that.

There is a big difference between needing and wanting. I’ll provide some examples:

If you live with a chronic illness that gets relief from a certain product/medicine, that is something you would need.

If you are lacking energy and just want an easy pick me up first thing in the morning (all while having a lot of variety of things to choose from), and you decide to pick this one thing that does the job, that is something you want.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Those of us who suffer with a chronic issue, they tend to need to find something that works for them, that helps relieve that issue they have to deal with. At this point you realize that whatever you choose, it will have to become a routine need in your life. Whether it be a medication or an alternative supplement, it’s going to be there, apart of your daily tasks and schedules. Perhaps making that decision requires you to have to select the lesser of evils because this product will be a daily consumption. We know when you take the same thing every day you may get dependent on it, or its potency will lesson overtime, or you may have side effects. Even with the best prescription on the market, many have to accept and deal with the side effects just to continue to receive the benefits.

I’m like Stacy’s Mom, where my son’s friends love coming over, a mom who also enjoys a special tea — and there are THOUSANDS of other hustling moms just like me. The underground, untouched demographic of suburban housewives are just now starting to “come out” and no longer hide their tea.

You better believe there is more to come…. Stay tuned.


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How A Business Woman Became Kratom Girl

My story is a boring one to me, but a life changing one of encouragement to many others. I’ll be honest, there were many times I wanted to hang up my advocacy work and quit all this, but then I’d receive that one message from a “fan” who credits me for their life changing, who says: “If it wasn’t for you and your videos years ago, I wouldn’t have found kratom when I did. My life wouldnt have been changed for the better if it wasn’t for you.” Then I pause and reevaluate my reason for having spent all these years talking about this plant publicly. Kratom truly does change lives, and I knew that it needed to be known. I didn’t know that many would start affectionately referring to me as Kratom Girl, but they did and it stuck…. A business woman became Kratom Girl.

It all started in August 2012….

The windows were rolled down in my Jeep. I welcomed the chill air while I sped down the I-5 corridor, crossing the bridge into Portland, Oregon. This would be the last trip down from Tacoma, WA that I would take before calling Portland my new home for my daughter and I. The fear in my chest for making this huge decision for us choked me. Combined with the chill breeze, I welcomed the uncomfortableness. I was here to start a new life for us. Leaving an emotionally abusive relationship was one of the hardest things I had ever done. It took me five years to finally make that decision and make that escape. No more would I allow myself to be mentally controlled, guilt tripped, manipulated and gaslighted by that man. Never again would I let my childhood trauma keep me controlled and cemented in an unhealthy marriage just because “it was a sin” to divorce. I was a new woman and everyone who knew me knew it. They looked at my move as a “nervous breakdown”. They saw me as “rebelling”, but I didn’t care what they all thought. They weren’t married to that man. They didn’t know the secrets I had kept simply out of embarrassment of admitting to the shit I had put up with for five years. I was free. I was finally free.

My daughter and I settled in well in the rainy city of Portland. I quickly became in love with the atmosphere. I dove straight into my career. I knew that I had to hustle for my daughter and I, so that I could provide for us. I chose to work nights so that I could be there for her during the day instead of throwing her into a child care center during this hard transition in her life. I chose to go days with very little sleep just to ensure there were some form of normalcy in her life, where she still had her mom whenever she needed me. The church we had joined was such a blessing for me during those days. So many blessings played a hand in my career quickly taking off. Before I knew it, I went from security officer in downtown Portland to Executive for a school district in a span of six years. I literally started with nothing.

Throughout that time, I remarried, had two more kids, bought a house, started a business on the side, and found such amazing contentment that I never thought I’d ever feel.

Where does kratom come into play? Well, during these years of growth were a lot of pain, both physically and emotionally, because life couldn’t possibly be predictable right?

To summarize, within these six years, the following occurred (in this order):

  • I got remarried.
  • I got pregnant.
  • My neck began hurting, nerves were being pinched, but I was pregnant so I was unable to really treat my pain issue or fix the pinched nerve.
  • I gave birth and began to figure out what was going on with my body.
  • I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and needed surgery. I had a month to wait.
  • My mother was dying from cancer, so I had to go down to California (where Im from) to say goodbye. While living in so much pain, I buried it as much as I could while I spent a few days with my mother before she passed away.
  • A week after her death, I got surgery (neck fusion).
  • There were a complication on the surgery and I ended up losing my voice. I had to wait three months before they were convinced it was their fault and that my voice wasn’t planning on coming back (all I could do was whisper for almost a year).
  • 9 months after neck surgery, I had another procedure to get my voice back. A gamble, but it worked. I still live with issues to this day with my voice. For example, in the mornings, I can barely talk. I have to “warm up my voice” first thing before I can speak normal.
  • The pain of having a nerve being pinched for several months did a lot of damage to my arm, hand, back and neck. I could no longer feel two of my fingers on my left hand, and the pain would linger now. It wasn’t sharp like it used to be, but it remained present as a dull ache.
  • The emotional pain of losing my mother before getting the chance to heal the damage that my divorce had caused on our relationship was intense. I was depressed. I had no time to grieve. Too many things were happening all at once. I was not in a happy place mentally.
  • Much of the above was during my postpartum stage….which made it all so much worse!
  • I had a few career changes during all of the above! Imagine going through all the above WHILE holding down a growing career! I couldn’t not work because I had thousands of dollars worth of legal fees to pay off from my divorce.

So where in all this did I run into kratom? Well, the pain I was living with got me searching for natural alternatives after dealing with some nasty side effects of the pain medication. I couldn’t live with those, and my pain wasn’t going away, so thankfully a friend of mine told me about this powder that she had been taking. She invited me to this “secret Facebook group” called NACU where everyone talked about this plant. I joined the group and quickly realized there was this underground community of people who loved this plant, but kept it hidden from the public in fear of it catching the attention of the government. The benefits of this plant were just so amazing that they feared it would be grabbed up by the wrong people, abused in a sense; and then the government might feel the need to ban it.

It peaked my interest, so I ordered my first ever batch of kratom from a kratom company called Red Devil Kratom. I recall the first time I took kratom. My tense body began to relax while my outlook turned more optimistic. I suddenly felt like life was good, and if it wasn’t, it soon would be.

I soon realized why this underground community tried to keep this plant hidden, but I also realized that this plant had the potential to change lives for the better. With kratom, I was able to still function, feeling normal, with no side effects. I felt motivated. I barely felt my nerve pain (Nerve pain is nearly impossible to fully take away with medication). I began to feel happy again. The pain of losing my mom wasn’t as debilitating anymore. Kratom took the edge off of all the issues I was living with.

I began to study this plant, but soon realized there wasn’t much information out there. It wasn’t well known at all, so finding accurate information was near impossible back then. I started to buy from different vendors, trying new “strains” and potencies. I documented my experience with each one and began to talk about it in the kratom groups I was apart of. Many didn’t approve of some of the things I said, my observations or questions. Talking about how the plant made us feel was a “no no”. The kratom world back then truly was weird and SOOOO different than it is now. In fact, the drama I ran across inspired me to begin this blog before I started creating videos on YouTube. The kratom community inspired all kinds of blog posts like:

Kratom took the edge off of all the issues I was living with.

When I started doing videos, that is when many voiced their disapproval (believing that I actually needed it lol), but I didn’t care. There were so many out there that needed to hear about this amazing plant, and there were smart ways to go about spreading that knowledge. I started to work closely with Botanical Education Alliance (where are they now btw??), designing some of their marketing material. I offered my business services at major discounts to vendors, just so I can be apart of representing kratom in a beautiful way. I worked with these vendors before they were big and trending on page 1 on Google. We have all come a long way. Some made it, some didnt.

To cut this long story short, I’m still around! Sure, I’ve had numerous accounts shut down for “breaking the rules”. I’ve had YouTube channels that were built up to almost 10k subscribers be shut down and deleted because I was accused of promoting “drugs”. But no matter what, I rebuilt. No matter what, I kept speaking about this plant, and I will continue to do so.

Alas, here I am, a few of my fans have been with me since the beginning and for them I give them credit for me still being around.

I have many dreams and plans for my advocacy work that I do for kratom. Creating “Kratom Girl” has allowed me to truly use my ever expanding platform to present kratom in the respectable light it deserves to be shining in. It also allows me to be raw with you guys, to show you the reality of a kratom consumer, to apply kratom personally. However, my ultimate goal is the work with fellow advocates and vendors who join me by keeping kratom above reproach. If we do so, we just might come to a day where we will be strolling down the aisle at Whole Foods and browse the kratom tea in all its glory.


The Daily Hard Herb – Indonesia’s Finest


The Daily Hard Herb was established in 2016 and has advanced in using nano technology since 2018. It continues to provide a wide variety of Kratom strains and products to fit your needs. Their website is catered with care for the veteran user to beginners and reliable customer care service provides additional support http://dailyhardherb.com/. Owner Harold Anwar is a passionate advocate for this ancestral remedy, endorsing safe practices and wants to share this natural alternative to help others at an affordable rate.

His pressing stance on educating yourself on Kratom with a helpful link here https://kratom.com/en/kratom-guide, shows his care for the consumer goes above and beyond. It’s not about a competitive market strategy that drives him but the sacrifice it takes on the farmers livelihood hence the brand’s name. 100% organic farming and innovative Nano technology and responsible care for the farmers is behind their mission statement. This company provides both quality and quantity with the help of this amazing machinery capable of busting out 300 kilos an hour! You can be sure of The Daily Hard Herb purity standards as the lab test results can be viewed on their website showing this company takes your best interest to heart.

The best beginner strains recommended are Super Green, White Borneo and Red MD. The best selling products are mostly Green strains but don’t bypass the White Borneo, Hulu, MD or the Red Borneo, Gold and Bentuangie after getting your feet wet with the greens! There is a variety to choose from to avoid a comfort tolerance to this alternative. Beyond the Kratom, you can also get quality coffee and sweet clothing attire. This company is so versatile! The Daily Hard Herb is a one stop shop to explore and to invest in your total well being, not just another health craze. Get it straight from the source and enjoy what I came to discover with their products, a fresh and renewed spirit ready to take charge of the day with a peaceful mind.

Information you need:


Kratom Girl Vendors

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Kind Hart Botanicals; White Maeng da

I recently sampled some white Maeng da from Kind Hart Botanicals. So far my experience with this company has been great! They have top notch products, clean, professional packaging and everything is clearly labeled. Their website seems to make the ordering process simple and easy. They have a good variety of kratom strains and do a good job of explaining what exactly kratom is and its uses.

So in the past I have tried Maeng da but I’ve never had the white strain. I was excited to see what it was like. I had powder so I did the toss and wash method with lemon water. I started feeling effects roughly 40 minutes after consuming. Depending on your dose you can get the sedative effect or feel good and energizing. Lower doses should help with mood and energy while higher doses help more with pain and are sedating. Overall, I would definitely recommend and will be using again!

Use KRATOMGIRL for 10% off!

Amber Durham, a Kratom Girl Contributor

Chasing the Joy

When you begin your journey with kratom, if you were one who needed something to help your mood, then you know the feeling of having to “chase the joy” at one point or another. This usually begins to happen once you have been taking kratom for quite some time. Kratom improves your mood in a subtle but yet fulfilling way, but after some time, that feeling is short lived and you find yourself chasing the joy. Another similar phrase is chasing the high. However, I refuse to use that verbiage when it comes to being a kratom consumer. It is not a high that you feel after consuming kratom. It’s a feeling. You FEEL so much better, more at ease, pain free, and energized (depending on the strain you take). But regardless, you will eventually find yourself chasing those benefits as years pass as a regular kratom consumer.

This chasing is a common occurrence with anything you take regularly. If you have an energy drink every single day for months/years, they will eventually stop working/giving you energy.

Kratom contains more than 25 alkaloids. Mitragynine is the primary constituent;
it also has effects on adenosine, alpha adrenergic and serotonin receptors. When tolerance hits, you cannot get the stimulation back by simply upping the dose of kratom. Many will try, but then they will quickly become sick, get the spins, throw up and hate life (at that moment). It’s a shitty feeling.

Ultimately, kratom tolerance refers to when it can no longer influence dopamine signaling and those benefits are lost. Chasing the joy is no longer possible with detoxing, tapering or substituting.

So what do you do then? Taper, detox (stopping), or substitute. BUT what if you are not taking kratom for the hell of it? What if you take it because you actually need something for: your pain, your mood, your restlessness — fill in the blank. What do you do then? Well, what many don’t mention is the fourth option…. switch up the temperature of your dosing. If you typically toss and wash, or create a shot and drink it, or do any of those methods that specifically consist of chilled/cold/room temperature kratom mix, switch it to a warm/hot method like kratom tea. Changing the temperature of your kratom dose creates a mental tweak in a way. I cant “prove this”, but I know from experience. You can control the strength of the kratom tea by ensuring you’re creating an authentic kratom tea, like the ones they do in Indonesia. I take it even further though. I put some stem and vein in my kratom tea (using only one tea bag) and consume kratom this way for 1-2 weeks. By that time, my levels are back to normal and kratom is affective as if I was a newb.

Remember, everything in moderation. Remembering this will help you avoid tolerance increase. There is nothing wrong with seeking joy and happiness. That should never be frowned upon. However, we must have a realistic mindset. Kratom is not a cure, nor does it work perfectly for a consumer, so don’t give kratom unrealistic expectations. Kratom will never live up to them….just like vitamin C doesn’t guarantee I won’t get sick.

Keeping Warm & Happy in the Pacific Northwest

Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), live under a near-constant cover of clouds and rain that lasts over 300 days a year (depending on where you are up here). If you are up here, chances are you don’t mind that. Chances are, you love those rainy days where you smell the wet fir trees while their branches shield you from the majority of the rainfall. Perhaps you might also be a Twilight fan, or definitely have heard of it. Most likely you quietly shame the “out of state” ex-pats who have moved into your town, hiking up your housing prices and causing the majority of the accidents on the road!!—- Oh, excuse me. I got carried away there. Regardless if you love it here or are too poor to move, one thing 90% of us have in common is low vitamin D levels. In fact, it’s a well-known thing around here (perhaps only to those from here *insert smug smirk and side-eye).

Side note: I’m actually not from here. HA! My husband and sons are though (Learn my story here).

Our bodies naturally synthesize vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. All you need for a week’s worth of vitamin D that your body needs are 15 to 20 minutes in the sun….which 90% of us don’t get. BUT, a recent study came out that actually showed that vitamin D does not cause depression. Meaning, you do not become depressed by lack of sun/vitamin d. You are either already prone to depression, or your mind naturally tends to get “sad” by the gloomy weather.

Collectively, the research on vitamin D supplementation and depression indicate that there’s a correlation between the two but not a causation. In other words, while depressed individuals may have lower levels of vitamin D, that occurrence did not cause them to develop the illness.

Very Well Mind

Regardless, there are other studies, studies specifically done in places like the PNW and other overcast places, where it does show that people who live there tend to deal with depression versus those who live in sunny locations. Why they choose to continue to live there….is not what this post is about.

I guess I can’t speak for everyone, but there are a few things I do to stay happy and warm here in the PNW:

  1. I take vitamin d every day (haha! No, but seriously. This is very important). Ok, now being serious.
  2. I drink kratom tea. If you know me, then you know this is one thing I can’t live without (just like some who cannot live with the internet). Plus, the act of tea drinking goes way back. Kratom is known for boosting mood, giving energy, relieving pain, boosting your workouts, and so much more.
  3. I dedicate me time every single day. If you can’t take care of yourself, who can you take care of others?
  4. I enjoy nature, even on gloomy days.
  5. I make sure to do one selfish thing for myself a week (pedicure, shopping, etc).
  6. I make a list every morning of my blessings/what I’m thankful for. Sometimes we need a reality check and realize how good we have it compared to some others in the world.

What to take away from all this:

  1. People can no longer say that lack of vitamin d causing depression.
  2. Kratom tea keeps you warm AND happy.
  3. Leave the pacific northwest if you hate the weather.
  4. Count your blessings, because most likely if you do, you will see your life a little bit brighter.