For only $98, you can reserve a video consultation with Shaunna K (creator of Kratom Girl), a free branding audit AND a guide book where Shaunna has collected all of her top tricks and tips for marketing Kratom and other non FDA approved “supplements”.

A video call with Kratom Girl

Jump on a Google Meet/Zoom call with Shaunna for 40 minute to discuss your business. She will give you advice and share her guide full of social media hacks and tips to help you market your product. You will talk about your website, brand and anything you want to pick her brain about and she will give you her professional opinion while we talk about your business.

The Guide to Social Media under the radar

Shaunna has gathered numerous social media tricks over the years while marketing kratom businesses (and many others). She’s had FB review and delete her Kratom Ads/campaigns, had channels shut down entirely and is no stranger to being censored throughout social media. Therefore, she has accumulated, from a lot of failures, all of the tricks that she has discovered that will help companies avoid being on the radar. She will teach you about promoting your product and business organically, and what marketing niches are being missed that will help bring you traffic and customers.

For only $98 (worth over $300), you will get all of the above for a limited time. Shaunna K has only opened up a certain amount of slots for this (it’s really not the most profitable offer for her business, but she’s doing it for the Kratom community, helping better the image and look of kratom and it’s businesses).

Kratom Girl Video Consultation & Advice


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