Hello, Kratom enthusiasts! I, unfortunately, live with chronic pain due to a neck fusion and neuropathy. Instead of living off of painkillers, I decided to seek out an alternative way to control my physical issues. Fortunately, my friend Julie told me about kratom. The rest was history!

Words cannot express how much I love this plant and its properties. I, as many consumers do, decided to document how each strain affected me so that I could log away the benefits and know which ones to return to. Thus, this blog was born. I am more active on my facebook group, but I am also a fan of writing, so this blog is quickly becoming a counterpart.

By trade, I am a business owner for a marketing firm, Shaunna K, where I am a professional photographer and graphic designer. I live in Portland, Oregon; where the IPA and wine flow and wannabe hipsters run free.

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