Kind Hart Botanicals; White Maeng da

I recently sampled some white Maeng da from Kind Hart Botanicals. So far my experience with this company has been great! They have top notch products, clean, professional packaging and everything is clearly labeled. Their website seems to make the ordering process simple and easy. They have a good variety of kratom strains and do a good job of explaining what exactly kratom is and its uses.

So in the past I have tried Maeng da but I’ve never had the white strain. I was excited to see what it was like. I had powder so I did the toss and wash method with lemon water. I started feeling effects roughly 40 minutes after consuming. Depending on your dose you can get the sedative effect or feel good and energizing. Lower doses should help with mood and energy while higher doses help more with pain and are sedating. Overall, I would definitely recommend and will be using again!

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Amber Durham, a Kratom Girl Contributor

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