Tea drinking is a ritual for those of us who desire to pursue healing and transformations of our minds, bodies and souls. Shaunna (nicknamed “Kratom Girl”) has dedicated her life to studying and learning about the functional teas available that have helped transform her life in such a massive way.

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Kratom Girl to Kratom Lady

What began as a new journey for a young girl has become an established lifestyle for the business woman/owner, mother and wife that she is today.

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Discover the finest kratom tea

Top Tree Herbs is the functional tea Shaunna enjoys routinely. With nature’s ingredients like valerian root, red clover, kratom and others, Top Tree Herbs blends only the finest of earth’s medicine to help the mind, body and soul of those who are connoisseurs of tea and fine drinking.

Shaunna’s favorite kratom tea bags

Join our advocacy!

Join us in showing support in the kratom community to help educate the world on what this natural tree can do to help so many.

Grow your kratom business!

Shaunna (the kratom lady/girl) owns a marketing firm and has been helping kratom vendors for years. She has worked with some of today’s biggest vendors before they became big.

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Working with Shaunna has been the best marketing decision I have made thus far since starting my holistic botanical brand. She only takes on small and medium companies because she wants to personally work with us vendors selling high risk products because she wants to truly help the industry. She’s original! She knows the ins and outs of this community and gives me so much bang for my buck. What she offers is hugely discounted and that’s only because of her dedication and advocacy to alternative medicine. The other part of her company works with other fields of businesses, but you feel kinda in a special group, getting discounts none of her regular tech or e-commerce clients get to see, only because of her love of natural medicine. You definitely want to be apart of what “kratom girl” does if you’re in this industry. I HIGHLY recommend Shaunna for any marketing or branding projects you might have.“



Hi, Im Shaunna K

I’m who they used to call “Kratom Girl” many years ago. However, these days, there are so many kratom girls and I love that they keep on coming. The growing consumers and lovers of kratom excites me and gives me hope of the tree’s future.

I am a business owner, mother of three children and wife of a US Veteran. My family and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have combined my business trades and love of kratom tea into The Lady & Her Kratom Tea. I am not a vendor. I don’t sell kratom, but I show my steadfast support for those who do (and do it right).