by Shaunna K

Live Life Alternatively

Working hard to spread educational information about kratom and how it is applied in the life of a college grad, wife, mom and business woman suffering with a chronic illness. Shaunna believes in alternative health and alternative living. She has dedicated almost a decade to learning and talking about those alternatives on all her channels. “Kratom Girl” was a nickname affectionately given by my fans 8 years ago when I started this alternative journey online. I also serve on the Kratom United Board.

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About Me


Hello, Kratom enthusiasts! I, unfortunately, live with chronic pain due to a neck fusion and neuropathy. Instead of living off of painkillers, I decided to seek out an alternative way to control my physical issues. Fortunately, my friend Julie told me about kratom. The rest was history!

Words cannot express how much I love this plant and its properties. I, as many consumers do, decided to document how each strain affected me so that I could log away the benefits and know which ones to return to. Thus, this blog was born. I am more active on my facebook group, but I am also a fan of writing, so this blog is quickly becoming a counterpart.

By trade, I am a business owner for a marketing firm, Shaunna K, where I am a professional photographer and graphic designer. I live in Portland, Oregon; where the IPA and wine flow and wannabe hipsters run free.


Recent Blog Posts

  • Keeping Warm & Happy in the Pacific Northwest
    Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), live under a near constant cover of clouds and rain that last over 300 days a year (depending on where you are up here). If you are up here, chances are you don’t mind that. Chances are, you love those rainy days where you smell the wet fir trees while their branches shield you from the majority of the rainfall. Perhaps you might also be a Twilight fan, or definitely have heard of it. Most likely you quietly shame the “out of state” expats who have moved into your town, hiking up your housing prices and causing the majority of the accidents on the road!!—- Oh, excuse me. I got carried away there. Regardless if you love it here or are too pour to move, one thing 90% of us have in common are low vitamin D levels. In fact, it’s a well known thing around here (perhaps only to those from here *insert smug smirk and side eye).
  • Coffee Is SO Overrated – Top 4 Reasons Why
    I was always that odd one who always declined coffee when offered. Though when I was trying to impress my boss at a new job, I would always accept it and put on my best poker face when drinking it— Now that I think about it, those asshats didn’t deserve such dedication from me. Never again will I pretend to like something to impress anyone–but I’ll save that for another post. Anyway, the point is, I hate coffee. Always have, always will. Why? No clue. Just not tasty on my tongue/tastebuds. What can I say. Therefore, naturally, I had to find an alternative to coffee so that I could survive that hour commute into Portland or that alternative that would help me survive the 2PM energy crash. Yes, that’s a thing.
  • A Routine You Oddly Look Forward To
    Why do we get excited about simple things like these (give or take)? Well, I dug into the psyche to figure that one out. Aka, I sought out professionals and their answers to this curious thing.